Thursday, 28 December 2017

2018 Christmas Crackers

I want to share the crackers which I made this year.
As you know we moved house at the end of November and even though by the time Christmas arrived I did have time to be creative and make something special I'm afraid that my mind wasn't feeling very 'Chrismassy'. It's still very much occupied with furniture placements and how I can adapt existing curtains to fit new windows etc!
Anyway here are my crackers
I was very lucky to find this 'perfect for my table décor' gift wrap so everything matched nicely.
Inside I made this little gift. It's a hot chocolate spoon.
I used a liqueur glass as a mould, which didn't work very well as even though I lubricated it before pouring in the melted chocolate, once set the choc wouldn't come out. I had to place each glass in some boiling water for a couple of seconds to get it out, hence the slightly melted outside. Next time I will definitely use a silicone mould. I added a star aniseed for decoration.
I wrote the following on the back of the tag:
Place the spoon in a mug of recently boiled milk.

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  1. beautiful crackers for your festive table Glenda. Thank you so much for sharing with us at Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge and best wishes for 2018...hugs kath xxx