Thursday, 29 January 2015

Valentines Day part 1

I have slowly been chipping away at the huge number of mails which have accumulated in my inbox while I was away. I was gone for five weeks and my access was not regular hence the exhorbitatnt number there. I know I could simply have deleted the whole lot and started afresh but by doing that I was sure to miss out on some lovely examples of fellow bloggers work and I simply wasn’t prepared to take that chance. Anyway I am now down to mails that have today's date on them, so the end is in sight.

What I have noticed is that valentines cards are starting to pop up all over the place so I guess I should start sharing some of my own. 

My inspiration

Source: Anna Wight

Pattern: Stitching Cards border-1--valentine-hearts
Thread: DMC in baby pink
Baker's Twine in red
Paper: Pink and white strip from Google images, black 80gsm
Pink flat backed gem

Monday, 26 January 2015

White Flowers

As you know I recently spent some time overseas. When in Australian the couple who hosted me really pulled out all the stops and so this is the card I made to thank them for their right royal spoiling of yours truly.

I took my inspiration from this image. 

Source: Unknown
A similar card made using the same pattern and just a slightly different variation of card stock colours.
 I used artist pastels to shade the inside of the leaves in green and smudged them with an earbud.

The inspiration

Source: hskelly
On both cards I have used machine stitching to secure the kraft panel to the coloured card stock.

Here are a couple of other cards using this lovely pattern.

Pattern: Easy Embroidery on Paper by Joke de Vette
Card stock: Kraft, red and sea green in 160gsms 
Thread: DMC in Blanc, Scraps of olive green, sea green and red
Flat backed gems in champagne and red for centre of flowers

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Hanging Baskets

Well the new term started again on Monday with two teacher days and then on Wednesday morning bright and early I was greeted by 22 freshly scrubbed, eager little boys. Another year has officially begun!

Today I would like to share probably the most favourite of all my silk ribbon cards with you.
It was made for some friends when they moved into their new home in a new country so I wanted it to be extra special.

The ribbon is thicker than the intended thread flowers of the original pattern so I re-inforced that portion of the back of the card with a piece of white cotton fabric. 

Another version this time with punched paper flowers 

and stitched as the original pattern was intended.

Pattern: Stitching Cards Hanging Basket
Thread: Pink, Purple and green make and number unknown
             Gold: DMC Antique Effects E436
             Silver: DMC Antique Effects E 168
Silver filigree tape: Paper Chic Celebration Collection Decorative Lace Tape
Rolfes metallic marker in gold and silver
Border punch
Paper: scraps
Silk Ribbon 2mm scrapes
Gold glitter glue

Monday, 19 January 2015

Cupcakes anyone?

I guess the start of a new school year is probably worth a celebration although I have to admit that the holidays have gone past far too fast!

So to celebrate here are some cupcakes which I made.

I took my inspiration from these images

Source Unknown
by Bailmac
Pattern:    Stitching Cards Cupcake
Pink striped washi tape
Pink and white dot washi tape
Pink and red flat backed gems
Scrap of red satin ribbon
Green paper with white stripe: Paper Pizzazz Dots, checks, Plaids and stripes
Gold paper
Card Stock 160gsm in white 

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Felt tags

The title of this blog is really a bit misleading as the tags aren't actually made of felt but have felt embellishments on them. As mentioned some time ago there is a little all sorts shop close to my home where, if you are prepared to scratch and ignore the grotty packaging, you can pick up some really lovely stuff for next to nothing. The tags I have for you today are proof of this.

To start with, some flowers,

then some ghekos,

 next some ladybirds,

teddy bears

and finally some animals. Not so sure about the choice of colours but they are cute anyway.

I love making tags for two reasons. They make great gifts (packaged in a neat little fabric bag) and I get to use up all my paper scraps. Yes you guessed it I can't give you brands for the papers as often I am using the last itsy bitsy tiny bit of the page.
All sentiments are computer generated.

Gel pen for faux stitching in white and purple
Felt tipped pen in black

Monday, 12 January 2015

A few words...

Not much to say today so lets get straight to the cards

I love the simplicity of design

and I've used it for a mother's day card too. I made the sentiment pattern myself.

Pattern: Sentiment Stitching Cards free words and flower Stitching Cards Bookmark Flower 6
Thread: red, yellow, green in light and olive, verigated blue and metallic copper
Cardstock: 160gsm

Thursday, 8 January 2015


The pattern I have adapted today is one of my all time favourites. I used a small section of it and added a handle and voila something different.

This one was inspired by Kittie over at Kittie Kraft and is bright and pretty. Her blog is worth a visit, her work is spectacular.

Pattern: Stitching Cards Bookmark Lady with Umbrella
Thread: Salmon, light green and yellow (sorry no number but brand is DMC)
Ribbon: narrow satin in white 
Rolfes metallic pen in pink

Monday, 5 January 2015

Blocks of colour

This design was great for using up some paper and card stock scraps I had lying around. All I had to do was stick to tones of the same colour to make it work. The original card I saw used blocks of paint but as I didn't have anything like that handy here is my version.

This yellow one was my favourite colour combination

My pen smudged slightly when I was doing the border of this one so I just added some gel stickers to cover the oops.

Pattern: Stitching Cards Lily
Thread: black
Beads: black bugle beads
Scraps of paper and card stock in blue, pink and yellow
Card stock: white 160gsm
Rolfes metallic pen in blue

Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Year

Happy New Year everyone

Photo Credit: Love from Ginger

Hope 2015 is full of good things for you.