Monday, 29 September 2014

Circles of Flowers

We have had a very dry winter this year. Our winters are always rather dry but this one more so than usual. It has been threatening rain all day today but when it finally arrived I was left wandering why it even bothered, there where so few rain drops that actually fell. I certainly hope it starts soon.

I have been drawn to flower wreaths lately so decided to make them the theme for a couple of cards.

For my first one I took my inspiration from this card.

For the second one I decided to add some colour.

I omitted the leaves from the original pattern and used flat backed gems (in the first one) and liquid pearls (in the second one) as the centres of the flowers.

Pattern:  Form-A-Lines   Free Flower Circle
Embossing Folders: Darice (no name available for either folder)
Cuttlebug embossing machine
Die: Sizzix 8 circle
Thread: DMC in white
             Rayon thread in aqua, dusty pink, lime green. yellow, light blue and apricot.
Liquid pearls in platinum
Turquoise flat backed gems

Saturday, 27 September 2014


I have entered a craft competition hosted by a local stationery franchise CNA . It's all to do with saving the Rhino so all crafts must be Rhino related.

Here is my entry:

Pattern: Prick 'n Stitch  Big Five
Thread: DMC white, single strand
Card stock: Dark green 200gsm
Paper: white computer paper
scrap of rope
Envelope: Store bought
Gingham Paper: Free download from Activity Village

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Leaves and scrolls

I love the delicate combination of the leaves and scrolls in this pattern, that is why I choose the iridescent thread which I used in my first card. I bought the thread while I was visiting family in New Zealand and unfortunately it is a make which is unavailable in South Africa. Guess I'll have to organize a trip back to N.Z. when I need a replacement spool! Rather an expensive shopping spree but I suppose I could squeeze in a stop over with the relations to justify it ....... only joking!

The card stock that I used for the second one is the back of an old calendar. I loved the colour of it and it was such a great gsm that I couldn't bring myself to throw it out.

Pattern: "Elegant Oblong Patterns" from Erica Fortgens' book ' New Designs, New projects for embroidery on Paper'
Thread: Kreinik Metallics Blending Filament 095
            Burgundy, make unknown
            Green, make unknown
Flat backed pearls and crystals
Border punch by Martha Steward
Scraps of paper, origin unknown
Hand embossed scroll on pink paper
Card stock 200gsm in white

Monday, 22 September 2014

A versitile frame

Every so often I come across a stitched frame that works really well with all manner of sentiments.
Today's pattern is one such frame.
A friend drew my attention to this pattern by Stitching Cards and I have made plenty of use of it over the years.

Here are my latest two versions

This one was a commissioned card for my Aunt's sister

and finally, this is how the original pattern was intended to look

Sentiments:Happy BirthdayThank you and the digits were home made.
Rolfes Metallic marker in gold
Threads: Green light and dark, purple, coral and pink. All makes and numbers unknown.
All embossed paper shop bought.
Card Stock 200gsm in white

Sunday, 21 September 2014


Recently I have been sharing some of the silk ribbon cards which I have made and today I would like to share my rose ones.

These where made as Thank You cards for the ladies at my place of work so be warned this post is rather photo heavy as I made a number of different colour combinations.

Thanks for looking.

Pattern: "Silk Ribbon Greeting Cards" by Ann Cox Single Rose design
Ribbon: 4mm in pink, green, yellow, purple, orange and white
Double strand of olive green embroidery thread
180gsm of card stock in red, navy, yellow, white and green
Scraps of white and black paper

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Venetian Steps

I think every home should have a beautiful entrance. I love looking at how people personalize the access to their homes. Some really make a lot of effort and usually the interior continues that pride.

Today's cards have a door and steps as their theme.
For the first one I have combined embroidery and silk ribbon embroidery. Although the ribbon flowers took a really long time to make I was very happy with the end result.

For this one I wanted a Mediterranean feel so besides using traditional colours associated with this area I added punched flowers to the pots. It was a lot quicker but I actually prefer the one above.

Pattern: Form-A-Lines , Venetian flower tub and steps
Olfa pliers punch, small and big flower attachments
Stickles in Gold
Thread: Second card: red, light grey and navy
             First card: Kreinik Metallics Blending Filament 095
Pattern for ribbon flower: Lilac garland in 'Silk Ribbon Greeting Cards' by Ann Cox
Silk Ribbon: scraps of 4mm in shades of mauve
Double strand of yellow embroidery thread for the centre of ribbon flower.

Monday, 15 September 2014

A trip to the theatre

I attended the theatre this week. It is an annual dance production which is put on to showcase some of the top local dance studios. This is the third year that I have attended and it is always professionally produced and spectacular to watch. This year our national ballroom and Latin American champions danced too. Wow, does not do the Latin American couple justice.

Last year while driving home from the production an amazing thing happened. We had travelled for about 5 minutes when I thought that I could hear a cat cry. Of course I thought that we must have driven past one but low and behold I heard it again a couple of minutes later and then again a little after that. Well, everyone in the car thought I was crazy until the girl who was sitting in the back of the vehicle with me heard it too.
We pulled over and the searching began. I was adamant that it was coming from the left back wheel hub but we couldn't see or hear anything. I have never looked under a car before and I didn't realize that most of the underside is encased in some kind of protection so locating the source of the noise was really difficult. After about 15 minutes of calling and sticking our hands in wherever they would fit, a very dirty little kitten was extracted from behind the back left wheel. Unharmed but very frightened. How he got there the Lord alone knows?

He spent the night with me and I'm happy to say that he found his forever home the very next day. He is now a hail and hearty ginger tom who rules the roost.

Cats really do have nine lives....

On to the cards.

A couple of weeks ago I showed you some dragonfly cards here. I was not totally happy with either of them so have made the pattern again this time with much better results.

 I changed the thread for the wings to something a lot lighter and thinner and this has made all the difference.
For the top card I repeatedly stamped a bull rush scene onto the topper and then when it was dry pricked my pattern and stitched it. My inspiration was from Sabrina's card. I layered it onto some matching blue paper before adhering it to the card blank.

For the card below I stitched the dragonfly and edged it with a gold metallic marker. Next I randomly attached small copper metal dots, blobs of glitter and gold liquid pearls to the blank space at the base of the card.
I took my inspiration from this card.

Rolfes metallic marker in gold
180gsm card stock in white
Copper metal dots small
Glitzin' Glamour in Crystalina
Liquid Pearls in Gold pearl
Bull rush stamp. Make unknown
Thread: DMC blue
             DMC Antique effects in copper E436
             Kreinik Metallics Blending Filament 095 (wings)
Ink: Artnic in lime (no. 42)

Thursday, 11 September 2014


A couple of months ago I mentioned that I had planted some Iris bulbs, well they are now in bloom.
I'm delighted. They are gorgeous and I always get such a thrill when something that I have planted comes to life.

To honour this happy time I thought I'd show you some of the iris cards that I have made.
I do however need to apologise upfront for the quality of the photographs, these where taken a long time ago!!!

For some reason I do not have any stitching iris patterns, will have to remedy that sometime soon.

These two cards are made with silk ribbon.
I received a lovely card making book from my S-I-L a couple of years ago and included was a section on silk ribbon flowers by Ann Cox. I tried them and enjoyed the process and results so much that I bought her book. Over the course of the next couple of months I will show you some of the other flowers that I have made but these where my first attempts.

Pattern: Silk Ribbon Greeting Crds by Ann Cox
4mm Silk Ribbon in purple, green and gold (25cm of each)
2 x size 18 needles
Nylon ribbon in green with white spots
Gardening and butterfly brass stencils, make unknown.
Scraps of paper off cuts
Silver glitter glue

Monday, 8 September 2014

Three Butterflies

I have spent a busy weekend in my garden, mainly planting grass but also some other more aesthetically pleasing plants too.
I have aches and pains in places I didn't know existed but it was definitely a job I'm pleased is now done.

To continue the feeling of spring I have another butterfly card to share with you.

It's the same free pattern that I make use of often but this time I reduced the size to 50%. In some places the holes are extremely close together so to stop the card from tearing I stuck a piece of washi tape on the back of the card to reinforce them.
The pink banners where made from the backing of a pack of felt embellishments. All banners where hand cut. I stuck the banners in place first and then pricked the pattern over them. To complete I did some faux stitching with a pink gel pen.
I was inspired by this card made by Julie Cluff.

Pattern: Stitching Cards     Free butterfly
Card stock 180gsm in white
Banners: Scrap card in pink and white, Green paper origin unknown
Thread: pink, variegated green
clear glass beads
Hybrid gel grip pen in pink

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Christmas in September

These are the cards that I have made for theSeptember Christmas Challenge over at Split Coast Stampers. The theme for this month is "chalkboard" but as I'm a teacher I figured that I get enough of that on a day to day basis so have done my own thing.
Only joking, I'm not crazy about the chalkboard technique so decided to give it a miss.

My inspiration for this card came from Sandie. I used the same mistletoe pattern that I used last month. The tartan ribbon is some I inherited from my M-I-L. I love the fact that this card is mainly white but has a pleasing contrast with the red of the ribbon.

There is a craft come all sorts shop down the road from my home. If you are prepared to scratch you can find all sorts of little treasures there, usually very reasonably priced too.
The charms for the next lot of cards come from there. They are actually supposed to be used in jewellery making but work pretty well on these small (6cm x 7.5cm) Christmas cards. I took my inspiration from here.

The first set has Stockings

and there are Christmas trees.

I stamped the backgrounds.

Pattern:Stitching Cards  Holly and free sentiment 
Stamps: Kaisercraft Bubble Wrap Clear stamps
             Chiswick Exchangeable Clear Stamps
Ink: Artnic in Apple Green and Lime
       ColorBox in Scarlet
Nylon cord in gold, pink or pearl
Charms: Christmas trees and Santa's stockings

Thursday, 4 September 2014


Flamingos are popping up on all manner of stationery, fashion or decor items so I thought I'd share two of the flamingo cards which I have made.

In the past I tore paper very carefully by hand to keep it in a 'sort of straight line' but then I found a paper edger which is actually a ruler that you can use as a guide (details below). This makes life much easier but I have realized that if you want a neat edge then it is best to place the ruler on the back of the image topper and then tear. If you look carefully at this card you will see the difference in neatness between the white and blue edges. I forgot this little rule when tearing the white but corrected it before tearing the blue and it is noticeable, well to me anyway!!!

Jef Paper Tear Edger LP-06
Scrapes of paper: blue and pink
Card stock 180gsm in White and black 

Monday, 1 September 2014

It's Spring

Today is the first day of spring here in the Southern hemisphere, not that you would be able to tell it from the weather.
Two days ago there was a heavy snow fall just an hour from my home town and believe me we are still feeling it on the wind!

Anyway, as I said, according to the calendar today marks the beginning of spring so I thought I'd share a "spring time" card with you.

And then I used a portion of the same pattern to make this small card. (6cm x 7.5cm)

Pattern Crafty Ferret   In the Garden Happy Birthday free pattern
Checked paper Activity Village free gingham paper
Rolfes Metallic Marker in green or pink
flat backed gems in pink