Thursday, 16 October 2014

Red Flowers

The pattern I have used for these cards is a free one from Stitching Cards. I have found it a very easy pattern to adapt and will show you some of the other cards I have made in the months to come.
It's also a great pattern for a beginner.

I have stuck to the same layout for both these cards just changed the colour combination slightly.
The red ribbon in the first one is recycled from around the neck of a chocolate Easter bunny, the bell will be used for something else in time.
I have machine stitched around the edge of the white card stock and the edge of the entire card to finish the look.

Odd buttons
Ribbon: Lindt chocolate Easter bunny.
Thread: Dark green, red and metallic gold.
Pattern: Stitching Cards  Bookmark Flower
Papers: Paper Pizazz dots checks plaids and stripes

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