Monday, 8 September 2014

Three Butterflies

I have spent a busy weekend in my garden, mainly planting grass but also some other more aesthetically pleasing plants too.
I have aches and pains in places I didn't know existed but it was definitely a job I'm pleased is now done.

To continue the feeling of spring I have another butterfly card to share with you.

It's the same free pattern that I make use of often but this time I reduced the size to 50%. In some places the holes are extremely close together so to stop the card from tearing I stuck a piece of washi tape on the back of the card to reinforce them.
The pink banners where made from the backing of a pack of felt embellishments. All banners where hand cut. I stuck the banners in place first and then pricked the pattern over them. To complete I did some faux stitching with a pink gel pen.
I was inspired by this card made by Julie Cluff.

Pattern: Stitching Cards     Free butterfly
Card stock 180gsm in white
Banners: Scrap card in pink and white, Green paper origin unknown
Thread: pink, variegated green
clear glass beads
Hybrid gel grip pen in pink

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