Monday, 15 September 2014

A trip to the theatre

I attended the theatre this week. It is an annual dance production which is put on to showcase some of the top local dance studios. This is the third year that I have attended and it is always professionally produced and spectacular to watch. This year our national ballroom and Latin American champions danced too. Wow, does not do the Latin American couple justice.

Last year while driving home from the production an amazing thing happened. We had travelled for about 5 minutes when I thought that I could hear a cat cry. Of course I thought that we must have driven past one but low and behold I heard it again a couple of minutes later and then again a little after that. Well, everyone in the car thought I was crazy until the girl who was sitting in the back of the vehicle with me heard it too.
We pulled over and the searching began. I was adamant that it was coming from the left back wheel hub but we couldn't see or hear anything. I have never looked under a car before and I didn't realize that most of the underside is encased in some kind of protection so locating the source of the noise was really difficult. After about 15 minutes of calling and sticking our hands in wherever they would fit, a very dirty little kitten was extracted from behind the back left wheel. Unharmed but very frightened. How he got there the Lord alone knows?

He spent the night with me and I'm happy to say that he found his forever home the very next day. He is now a hail and hearty ginger tom who rules the roost.

Cats really do have nine lives....

On to the cards.

A couple of weeks ago I showed you some dragonfly cards here. I was not totally happy with either of them so have made the pattern again this time with much better results.

 I changed the thread for the wings to something a lot lighter and thinner and this has made all the difference.
For the top card I repeatedly stamped a bull rush scene onto the topper and then when it was dry pricked my pattern and stitched it. My inspiration was from Sabrina's card. I layered it onto some matching blue paper before adhering it to the card blank.

For the card below I stitched the dragonfly and edged it with a gold metallic marker. Next I randomly attached small copper metal dots, blobs of glitter and gold liquid pearls to the blank space at the base of the card.
I took my inspiration from this card.

Rolfes metallic marker in gold
180gsm card stock in white
Copper metal dots small
Glitzin' Glamour in Crystalina
Liquid Pearls in Gold pearl
Bull rush stamp. Make unknown
Thread: DMC blue
             DMC Antique effects in copper E436
             Kreinik Metallics Blending Filament 095 (wings)
Ink: Artnic in lime (no. 42)

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