Saturday, 6 September 2014

Christmas in September

These are the cards that I have made for theSeptember Christmas Challenge over at Split Coast Stampers. The theme for this month is "chalkboard" but as I'm a teacher I figured that I get enough of that on a day to day basis so have done my own thing.
Only joking, I'm not crazy about the chalkboard technique so decided to give it a miss.

My inspiration for this card came from Sandie. I used the same mistletoe pattern that I used last month. The tartan ribbon is some I inherited from my M-I-L. I love the fact that this card is mainly white but has a pleasing contrast with the red of the ribbon.

There is a craft come all sorts shop down the road from my home. If you are prepared to scratch you can find all sorts of little treasures there, usually very reasonably priced too.
The charms for the next lot of cards come from there. They are actually supposed to be used in jewellery making but work pretty well on these small (6cm x 7.5cm) Christmas cards. I took my inspiration from here.

The first set has Stockings

and there are Christmas trees.

I stamped the backgrounds.

Pattern:Stitching Cards  Holly and free sentiment 
Stamps: Kaisercraft Bubble Wrap Clear stamps
             Chiswick Exchangeable Clear Stamps
Ink: Artnic in Apple Green and Lime
       ColorBox in Scarlet
Nylon cord in gold, pink or pearl
Charms: Christmas trees and Santa's stockings

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