Thursday, 12 June 2014

Lollipop Flowers

To start with I need to apologize for the 'blue' tinge of these photographs. I am new at this game and realize that I have a lot to learn. But I guess we all have to start somewhere and sometime in the future I hope I'll look back and realize that my photos have improved tremendously. That's the idea anyway!

On to my cards.

I designed this pattern after seeing something similiar in a stamp. This card is stitched in a simple stem stitch. The sentiment is from Stitching Cards . I like to prick two toppers at the same time. To do this I simply place one piece of cardstock on top of the other and then prick the pattern through both at the same time. I find this handy as it allows me to build up a little stash of cards for those occassions when time is of the essence. These cards will be added to that stash. Some flat backed gems completed the looks.

Pattern: Stitching cards: Word art Nouveau
Flat backed gems in blue and pink
Blue background paper: Paper Pizzazz Dots checks plaids and stripes
Pink Paper: Free downlaod from Activity Village

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