Sunday, 15 June 2014

A Celebration

In South Africa when someone reaches the age of 21 it's a mile stone birthday and is usually followed with some kind of big celebration. It's tradition to present the birthday person with a symbolic key, although by this age most people have had the key to the back door for years already!

This card was made for a friend's daughter for her 21st birthday. We attended her birthday celebration on Saturday evening.

This pattern is from a book by Erica Fortgens, details below. I stiched the glasses with silver metallic thread and the slices of lime with rayon thread. I like the shiny look of rayon thread although both it and the metallic made threading a needle hellishly difficult!!! The 'bubbles; are little beads. I added some peel off stickers which say 'cheers' and '21' to complete the design. 

I have also made some smaller versions of this pattern in the past. 
These cards are small measuring 7.5cm x 6cm in total.
I tried a number of different colour combinations but the silver one with red beads is my favourite.
I did some faux stitching in silver to finish off these cards.

Pattern: 101 Ideas for Embroidery on Paper by Erica Fortgens published by Search Press 
Clear or red glass beads
Threads: white, silver metallic, yellow and lime green rayon
Hybrid gel silver pen

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