Monday, 28 September 2015

Red, Black and mint

Well it's nearly holiday time for the schools, one week to go and boy is it going to be a busy one. Tomorrow I have to finalize the roles for the school concert so that the boys can learn their lines during the time off and then we can start practising in earnest when we get back. I'm not looking forward to that!

TGIF challenges have there usual
and I have chosen to combined these two.

This is a card I photographed a long time ago but have never shown so apologies for the bad photograph.
You will need to look quite closely to see the Watermelon and mint colours but they are there as flat backed gems.

Pattern: My own I was inspired by a stamped card
             Sentiment: Stitching Cards Bookmark Words
Threads: All brands and colour codes unknown
Flat backed gems in champagne, mint, watermelon, blue and pink
Card Stock: 160gsm in white
Paper: 80gsm in black

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