Wednesday, 25 March 2015

School Outings

Last week we took our Grade 3 boys on an outing to the local aquarium. As though taking 88 nine years olds out for the day wasn't bad enough we were just one of five school who were visiting that day. The one school had 300 pupils with them! To say that it was noisy, stressful and tiring would definitely be an understatement!

Today's card is the ipitomy of being under stated.
It's soft pastel colours and simple repetitive design are very calming to me.

To make the pattern I used a flower design from Erica Fortgens and copied it a number of times before pasting the designs in the corner of the paper. Once I had stitched them I hand drew the frame around the edge of the topper in a very fine felt tipped pen.

I used the same pattern to make some smaller cards too. These are 6cm x 7.5cm

Pattern:101 Ideas for embroidery on paper by Erica Fortgens
Thread: light green and pink
Felt tipped pen in black.
Small cards: Scrapes of paper and thread
                    Rolfe metallic marker in green

1 comment:

  1. Lovely flowers! great design and stitching.

    You are going to inspire me get out my needle and thread again.