Monday, 1 December 2014

Wrapping gifts

I enjoy receiving gifts and I like the suspense just before you open them. I need to be honest and say that I enjoy giving gifts too. Selecting a gift for a loved one is something I take very seriously and wrapping that gift is a ceremony all in itself. I have a box of ribbons and another box of embellishments. I start with the card, which I have made in advance, hopefully. Next I get out my envelopes and gift-wrap and see which can be used together. If nothing matches then I select a white envelope and insert a liner, which complements the card. Finally I open my boxes of ribbon and nick-knacks and try things out until I am happy with my combination. As I said, it’s a whole ceremony and cannot be rushed. 

I have another butterfly card for you today. You know how I love my butterflies!

It was inspired by Lydia over at Understanding Blue
For this design I reduced my pattern to 50% of it's original size. This made the holes very close together so I reinforced them by adding sticky tape to the back of the design. I pencilled in the position of the square cut outs and then pricked the butterflies so that they would be displayed exactly where I wanted them. To finish I added enamel dots. 

Pattern: Stitching Cards free Butterfly
Thread: Variegated in peach, green and blue. Charcoal for body and feelers.
Enamel dots in green, pink and blue
Die: Sizzix 8 square die
Card stock 180gsm in white and a strip of cream 

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