Saturday, 29 November 2014

Christmas wreaths

I have been drawn to Christmas wreaths this year so decided to stitch the same pattern in a variety of colours.
Be warned this is a photo heavy post.

All of the envelopes or liners in this post are from Creative Park and I edged the first six with glitter.

To start I have a pale blue one. The rayon thread has a lovely sheen to it.
I used my Brick embossing folder at the base of the card to give it the look of being displayed on an outside wall.

 In real life this white one is lovely. I used rayon thread but unfortunately the sheen doesn't show up very well in the photo.
I used silver and white Bakers Twine for the bow.

I love this aqua one. If I had more aqua ribbon I would definitely have made another one. The ribbon was a piece left over from my gifts last year. I used this lovely card by Genistamps as my inspiration.

 I took my colour combination from this card by Ceedee over at Split Coast Stampers. Scraps of twine where used for the bows and I mixed cream and white flat backed pearls for embellishment. The copper dots are made with Paper Pen and the circles on the left card where made using Texture paint.

 A little more traditional however the shade of green I used gives it a modern take. Once again I used rayon thread. To complete green flat backed gems where added.

This black one is rather unconventional  but was inspired by Terri over at Think outside the Box. I added some brass coloured dots and some copper Paper Pen to complete.

... and to finish a more traditional one in red and green.
I distressed the edges and backed it with paper I got from a free download.

Pattern: Wreath Basics of Embroidery on paper by Erica Fortgens
             Sentiment Form-A-Lines  free greeting words
Flat backed gems in aqua, pale blue, lime green, red and clear.
Flat backed pearls in cream and white.
Silver and white Baler's twine
String in natural
Ribbon in aqua, pale blue, light green ans white
Embossing folder in brick pattern
Envelopes and liners: Creative Park winter selection.
Snowflake paper: Phillip Martin
Viva paper Pen No. 903
Glitzin' Glamour Crystalina
Creative Talents Texture Paint

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