Sunday, 17 August 2014

Thank you

This weekend was my turn to have a break from early morning school sport and what a lucky break I caught because it rained! Not hard enough to cancel the game but just enough to ruin the hair and make it miserable out there. I did spare a thought for my colleagues while I drank a cup of coffee in my warm, dry bed.

Today I am sharing a pattern with you which is very versatile.
It's a lovely frame and the large space inside makes adding a stitched sentiment very simple. I have used this pattern over and over.


I gave all cards a border using a felt tipped pen.

Patterns: Stitching Cards Sentiment
              Frame: Basics of Embroidery on Paper by Erica Fortgens
Papers: Scraps from my stash, sorry no brand names
Threads: Frame DMC metallic antique copper. Others: no info available
Felt tipped pens: Rolfes Metallic Marker in green and pink

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