Thursday, 21 August 2014

Inherited things

When I started taking embroidery a bit more seriously my Mom gave me both of my Grandmother's embroidery bags. There where masses of thread in each, some of it very tangled and all very old and most without brand names or colour code numbers.
Then when my M-I-L pass on I inherited her box of threads too. This box was a lot more organized but still had some info missing.
I had so much thread that there was no need to purchase more and I started making my cards using this supply. I am coming to the end of a lot of it now, especially the greens and pinks which work so well in flower designs but what it means is that often I am unable to supply exact colour codes for the cards that I show here.

I am trying to be more systematic so that I can give accurate information where possible but sometimes that is just not going to happen.

A while ago I made a card using a new technique I had learnt called masking.
Today I have a couple of other cards I made using the same technique.


A flamingo

and some sunflowers.

I added some machine zigzag and a button to this one, while blue metal dots completed the first card and black flat backed gems the middle one.

Ink: Colorbox Chestnut Roan, Artnic in lime, aqua, apple green, sky blue, canary and silver
Thread: Charcoal (flamingo and flowers) olive green (sunflowers)
Patterns: Stitching Cards Flamingo sunflowers Free flower pattern
old Button
metal dots
flat backed gems black

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