Sunday, 6 July 2014

My To-Do list

School is closed for the winter holidays, which means that I have three glorious weeks at home.
I love the holidays. I like being able to sleep in late and having time to accomplish the things that I need to. This means that I always start the holidays with a To-Do list. Some of the things on that list I want to do and some I need to do but what normally happens is that I start working my way through the list, leisurely. The reality of my To-Do lists is that by the time the last week of holidays arrives I look at the list and realise that I have crossed off very few things and then the final days are spent playing catch up.

These holidays, however, are going to be different, or that is the theory anyway. I have written my list and the plan is that each evening I select an item which I hope to accomplish the next day. The trick is to start the day with this task and once I have reached my goal I can then decide if I want to continue with something else off the list or spend the rest of the day as I please. Don’t get me wrong I have no problem spending a couple of hours with my nose buried in a good book or perusing blogland but if my plan works these pastimes will only happen once I have completed something off the list.

Besides the fact that I spent the first two days of my holiday (weekends don’t count) socializing, I have managed to stick to my plan so far and have sewn a shirt for myself and cut out a second one. How long I will be able to keep this up? Well that’s anyone’s guess!!!! 

The card I have for you today is one where I have actually followed the design as it was originally intended to look. This doesn't happen often as normally I adapt the patterns that I have to suit an idea.
I have made this one in two different colours. 

A purple one. I prefer this one.

and a pink one.

Thanks for looking and have a good week.......... I will!

Pattern: Stitching cards Flower Border Best Wishes
Thread: Green, pink, yellow and purple
Paper: Purple from Paper Pizazz dots, checks, plaids and stripes
           Pink: Activity Village


  1. The purple one is pretty but I love the pink one too. I like the name of your Blog. Enjoy your holiday.