Sunday, 27 July 2014

Happy 9th birthday

It is my youngest nephew's birthday soon and these are the cards I made for him.

It is my opinion that you can never go wrong with a dinosaur theme for a boy of this age so here is my dinosaur one...

... but his real love is tractors and cats so of course I had to include one of those.

The inspiration for the first card came from this blog It's all fiddle fart and this  card.
This is actually one of the very first blogs I ever followed and in the early days this lady inspired a lot of my work. Thanks Helen.

Dinosaur card:
For this I bought a sheet of cheapish raised stickers, die cut four squares which I covered with a 'dotty' sky and some green paper for grass. I mounted the squares onto gold paper and stuck the squares onto a single larger square which I also mounted on gold.
The sentiment is a peel off sticker.

Cat card:
My inspiration for this one came from here. For the body I used a large circle die which I cut once each in black and white. A smaller die in white was used for the face.
I cut the black circle in half re cutting with the same die to create the tail. I trimmed it slightly at the larger side so that it was in proposition with the body.
I hand cut the stripes and ears from the other black half circle. The whiskers where also hand cut from scraps and to complete I added black flat backed gems for the eyes and drew the mouth and nose using a felt tipped pen.

Dinosaur card:
Sizzix dies: 8 squares
Card stock 200msg in white
Paper: Scraps of green and spotted paper, gold paper.

Cat Card:
 Sizzix circle dies 8
Card stock: 200g in blue
Flat backed gems in blue and black
Felt tipped pen
Paper: Activity Village


  1. Both your card are ideal birthday cards for your nephew! I love the cat one! So creative!

    1. Thank you, it was lots of fun to make.