Friday, 15 January 2016

Downton Abbey

One of the great things about the holidays is having the time to catch up with all the series that you enjoy watching. I absolutely love Downton Abbey  and I devoured all nine episodes of Season 4 during that time. I'm now on the prowl for the season 5 DVD but unfortunately none of the shops seem to have received stock of it yet. (Season 6 is airing at the moment on our pay for view channel but as we don't have that I'll just have to keep checking for when it comes into the stores.)

The new cue at Casology is
I decided to do gifts which are waiting to be opened.
I tore the topper and paper with the help of my edger ruler. It gives a more controlled edge to the torn page.
Pattern: 101 ideas for embroidery on paper by Erica Forgtens
Thread: All colours and brands unknown
Card stock: 160gsm in white and pink
Paper: Scraps of green embossed and gold scrap book paper
Jef Paper Tear edger


  1. Downton 6 is coming to me on Jan 25 -can't wait! Such a beautiful show to watch! I love your pretty stitching - the subtle shimmer and texture it adds is wonderful! So glad you joined us at CASology this week!

  2. Love the cute gifts and the torn edges really looks great, Glenda!!! The colours are beautiful!!!

  3. I love Downton too!! Great idea with the stitched gifts. Very pretty.

    1. Thanks for joining us at CASology this week. My computer published too quickly!