Monday, 4 May 2015

Lacy bits

This fortnights challenge over at Butterfly Challenge. is Butterflies and lace. As  I have mentioned before lace is not something that I use a lot of on my cards but here is my second card for this challenge and once again you have to use your imagination to identify the 'lace'.

I stretched the definition to include a lacy gold peel off which I put on either side of a strip of satin ribbon. I used a metallic pen to give the squares a blue border.

Not sure why I decided to do the card in this acid yellow colour, it's not my favourite! The one below is definitely more to my liking!!!

For this one I used red foil stripes at the base to complete the look. To get them straight I attached a strip of double sided tape to the fold and when I peeled it off I had perfect stripes. The faux stitching was done with a gel pen.

Pattern: Stitching Cards. Free Butterfly
Thread: light blue and metallic gunmetal grey
Card stock: White 160gsm. Acid yellow and pink scraps
Narrow double sided tape
Foil Art: Red
Gold peel offs
Blue polka dots satin ribbon
 Gel Pen: blue
Rolfes metallic blue pen
Paper: red

1 comment:

  1. I love the stitched butterflies! Clever use of the peeloffs to get the lace effect.
    Liz - Butterfly Challenge #29 - Guest Designer xx