Monday, 11 May 2015

Jagged Edges

Challenge number 30 over at Butterfly Challenge is Jagged edges.
These two cards were a commission for a Granny to give to her twin granddaughters. She wanted  essentially the same design just in different colours.
They fit the challenge perfectly.

I have a special ruler which allows me to get the torn look. I prefer to use this as it is neater than just doing it free hand although I try to remember to tear on the back of the topper. As you can see I got it right on the top one but forgot when assembling the bottom one. Oops!

Pattern: Stitching Cards. Free Butterfly  Reduced to 50 %
Thread: All brands and colour codes unknown
Card stock 160gsm in white
Paper: Scraps of cream embossed, mauve and apricot
Beads: pearls
Jef Paper Tear Edger


  1. Super design and how it does look so completely different in the colours and by changing the backing panels. Your torn edges look perfect both ways. Thankyou for fluttering by #30. Hugs Mrs A.

  2. Lovely cards. They look beautiful in both colour-ways. I used to stitch cards quite a lot so I appreciate the work you put into making these. Kate x

  3. Beautiful cards - I love them both and your stitching looks wonderful.
    Kath x