Thursday, 29 January 2015

Valentines Day part 1

I have slowly been chipping away at the huge number of mails which have accumulated in my inbox while I was away. I was gone for five weeks and my access was not regular hence the exhorbitatnt number there. I know I could simply have deleted the whole lot and started afresh but by doing that I was sure to miss out on some lovely examples of fellow bloggers work and I simply wasn’t prepared to take that chance. Anyway I am now down to mails that have today's date on them, so the end is in sight.

What I have noticed is that valentines cards are starting to pop up all over the place so I guess I should start sharing some of my own. 

My inspiration

Source: Anna Wight

Pattern: Stitching Cards border-1--valentine-hearts
Thread: DMC in baby pink
Baker's Twine in red
Paper: Pink and white strip from Google images, black 80gsm
Pink flat backed gem

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