Thursday, 15 January 2015

Felt tags

The title of this blog is really a bit misleading as the tags aren't actually made of felt but have felt embellishments on them. As mentioned some time ago there is a little all sorts shop close to my home where, if you are prepared to scratch and ignore the grotty packaging, you can pick up some really lovely stuff for next to nothing. The tags I have for you today are proof of this.

To start with, some flowers,

then some ghekos,

 next some ladybirds,

teddy bears

and finally some animals. Not so sure about the choice of colours but they are cute anyway.

I love making tags for two reasons. They make great gifts (packaged in a neat little fabric bag) and I get to use up all my paper scraps. Yes you guessed it I can't give you brands for the papers as often I am using the last itsy bitsy tiny bit of the page.
All sentiments are computer generated.

Gel pen for faux stitching in white and purple
Felt tipped pen in black

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