Friday, 16 March 2018

Going Green

Dragonfly journeys has an Irish theme
'Going Green"

We don't really celebrate St Patrick's Day here in South Africa so I used it to make a Christmas Card

I started with a white Base card stock, covered one side with green paper and then added a slightly smaller piece of green paper over the white side and repeated this with white paper on the green side. Then I pricked and stitched my tree
Card stock: 160gsm in white
Paper: 80gsm in green and white
Thread: White: DMC Blanch
Bugle beads an white and green
Seed beads in red
17 march

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  1. Hi Glenda! This is just fabulous as always! I see you're getting a head start on the holiday season and who receives this will be overjoyed. Thanks so much for joining my Going Green blog challenge :)

    Jeannie T.
    Dragonfly Journeys