Wednesday, 17 January 2018


AAA cards has a quote for us this time
Very literally today is the first day of the new school year here in South Africa. I get to meet the new boys in my class and start the new adventure, which is teaching, today.
For me this card depicts the kind of year that I would like to have this year. Most of us in the classroom moving in the same direction with only the odd one off course but from past experience I know that is wishful thinking.
Guess life would be dull and boring if we where all the same!
This is another one of the cards I found when tidying  out so it was made a long time ago. Sadly I have no idea as to supplies or brands.
The border was done with a felt tipped pen.

20 jan


  1. Happy new session at the school. I really like how one of the birds is flying in the other direction and the crisp border. Thanks for sharing this card at AAA Cards

  2. Love the thinking and aspirations behind this card. Hope your new school year works out brilliantly Thanks for joining in with the current AAA Cards Challenge

  3. I love the colour you chose for the birds - so cheery. And that one bird flying in the wrong direction is so cute! Thanks for playing along with us at AAA Cards!